Kayden Kross Porn Videos and Nude Pictures

Kayden Kross was born and raised in California. She once described herself as a kind of ‘book nerd’. She tried to start stripping when she was 18 in California in order to earn extra money for her purchase the pony which was actually going to be slaughtered. It sounds something strange, but it was her story. Later, she was contacted by some of the agents and she started to be a model in the adult magazines.

When Kayden Kross decided to sign an exclusive contract with Vivid Video in 2006, she was actually a senior at the California State University. The movies that she filmed for Vivid actually include Hard Time, Kayden’s First Time, Be Here Now, etc. But she was not satisfied with what she got from the company. Therefore, she tried to be the free agent when the contract with Vivid Video expired (Vivid is the same company that have the full distribution rights on Kim Kardashian sex tape with rap singer Ray J). Of course, she did not want to manage all the things on her own. She wanted to have support from her companies. Therefore, she found this kind of opportunity from Adam & Eve.

The Vivid Girls came to the Block Hotel to have a photo taking event. Kayden Kross took that photo when she was still one of the Vivid Girls at that time.

Currently, Kayden Kross is working as a columnist for the some companies. She is still one of the popular and guaranteed actresses in the porn movie industry and it is somehow hard for people to find one actress who could replace Kayden Kross. Therefore, the popularity and the influence of this woman would still be there for the few years in the future. It is also expected that there would be more and more people who would like to see the movies of Kayden Kross and have a look at her acting.